Ghislain: Our golf ambassador!

Ghislain has an aristocratic charm. This great and attractive sportsman is passionate about golf. For Ghislain, golf is more than a sport or a simple leisure activity, it is an art of living in which he excels. He devotes a lot of his person and his time to it.

Ghislain le maitre du green globesetters golf

He spends his weeks perfecting his swing. His playing is constantly challenged, which allows him to shine. His golf club is his best ally on the largest golf courses. His rigor and coordination make him an outstanding golfer. It releases a remarkable energy, it is recognized for its technicality but, it also shows a great concentration on the green. A strict lifestyle is required to be able to cover the eight kilometres, which is generally an eighteen-hole course. Ghislain, is an assortment of precision and strength. His determination allowed him to become French Champion with a handicap of -1, 4. this title is the reward of his obstinacy.

Today, he elegantly blends his passion with his professional life. Founder of the Mycaddymaster company, he offers golf trotters the opportunity to choose their golf bags from a top-of-the-range selection among the biggest brands in the industry. So, with our Green Master, you can travel without clutter and enjoy quality equipment chosen from the best.

ghislain the globe setters society journal

This man travels all over the world to tread the most beautiful grounds that hide in the four corners of the earth. This traveller devotes each of his stays to his sport.

As a true expert, you can follow all his recommendations and advice in our sports section. He invites you to share with him the most emblematic places on the planet for golf.