Finland: Discover Scandinavia!

Imagine large cottages in a wild taiga! The decor is dreamlike. Snow-covered pines, a rosy sky and ski slopes whose lifts I almost never see… Nature is intact, preserved.


Never before have guides like those we meet here passed on their passion for the great north to us.

On snowshoes or skis, here, the equipment is wide and designed to fit our big boots and all topographies. We leave for a hike of about ten kilometers, we discover the life of trappers and ice fishing.


Here, 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, two cultures meet, the Finnish and the Sami, the reindeer people. We discover their traditions, including the sauna where you learn to let your body speak.

Nature is in the spotlight, but it was unthinkable to me not to take a little detour into design and architecture. Head for Porvoo, Finland’s second largest city. It is wonderfully well preserved with its red wooden houses and cobbled streets. In Helsinki, don’t miss the Art Nouveau district of Eira and let yourself be drawn by the cafés, the small restaurants of Punavuori and Kallio where you can taste a simple but tasty cuisine like these toasted sausages, these rolls filled with cinnamon. Punavuori and Kallio are old working-class districts that have become trendy and bohemian, where the Finnish avant-garde invents itself every day.


Some museums are closed in winter, so we will come back in spring, for another Finnish walk, a folk, country trip that already makes me dream…


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