Sweden: Experiments to do with your tribe!

A childhood dream that all parents want to make come true… Take your children to the land of reindeer, bears and Eskimos, sorry, Sami people.1

An extraordinary journey in a world, in a nature of which they do not suspect the existence, the emotions it arouses, and which will amaze them.

From the outset, what strikes us when we arrive in Kiruna, an ancient mining town above the Arctic Circle, is the absence of light. It is barely three to four hours daylight. Yet the city is infinitely warm with its houses of all colours, its pastries, its magical cafés where the lights shimmer.


Snowmobile raid, dog sledding in the forest… what an excitement! Each outing has its purpose: the Northern Lights, the Sami villages. We are going to meet this people, heirs of a thousand-year-old culture. A family is a “siida”. She welcomes us to her home, invites us to her table and explains her traditions, her culture. The Sami are the reindeer herders of the far north. They take the children to visit a farm and have them carve traditional objects. We came back with dolls with multicolored ribbons that would inspire Kenzo as much as Dries van Noten… It is the mothers who say it…


February 6th is Sami National Day. It celebrates the end of the polar night. A moment not to be missed…

Just like a night in the Ice Hotel. It must be planned as an activity. With the children, this night in the ice requires logistics that can quickly prove constraining. Might as well keep only the full pleasure!

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