Sweden: three unmissable design spots

Dear Globesetters, I am writing to share with you some small nuggets that I discovered during my trip to Sweden. They are three fabulous hotels in which time seems to stop and that I could not keep to myself… Copperhill Mountain Lodge Far north of Sweden, where the world seems to end, a refuge… And what a refuge! This hotel is signed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. From the outside, this stone building of the region follows the topography of the landscape, the crest of the mountains. If you walk through the door, you will notice how its bays enhance each view of nature. His creative challenge was also to imagine a living space adapted to very short days and very long nights. Successful bet! You will notice the wooden stove in the lobby! Impressive! copperhill-mountain-lodge_modifie-1 Ice Hotel An ice cathedral 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Every year, the concept changes. You will be dazzled by the shimmering lights on the ice, fascinated by the methylene blue bar where the bartenders prepare you like at the Ritz of incredible Arctic cocktails and under the magical charm of your room. On an ice mattress, a fur bed awaits you for a night under the celestial vault that filters through this ephemeral ceiling. ice-hotel_modifie-1 Tree Hotel Shacks in the trees. This one is called the “Mirror Cub”. It is almost invisible since its facades reflect the trees, the sky… The “UFO” recalls by its shape a bird’s nest. It is built in a technological material as light as resistant. Each one is equipped with a living room, a bedroom, a terrace, and can receive between two and five people. You live in the heart of nature, in the rhythm of nature… tree-hotel_modifie-1 An ice palace, a futuristic shack in the trees and a villa in the heart of the forest… These magical places have particularly amazed me by their uniqueness. They are intimate and authentic little jewels.
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