Guadeloupe: An unforgettable trip

Discover the testimony of our Globe-Setter Sandy in Guadeloupe!

I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Guadeloupe, this sublime island lost in the middle of the Atlantic.
I discovered a simple way of life and landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

What made my stay even more magical was the place where I stayed.
Indeed, I had the chance to stay at Langley Resort Fort Royal which has everything I could need to have an unforgettable stay.

This island is full of local treasures not to be missed, such as these endless beaches of fine sand where you can perfect your tan and enjoy the transparent water of the sea to relax.

My favorite beach remains Sainte-Anne’s for its beauty and underwater depths, even if it is a little too busy.
In two weeks I fell in love with the local cuisine, don’t hesitate to taste it or you will pass by something.
My favorite fish is coconut, cod accras and especially shrimp skewers which are a delight for the taste buds!

The corner not to be missed is the botanical garden of Deshaies, it gathers all the magic of the flora of Guadeloupe including the famous traveller’s tree, you can even give to eat small parakeets of all colors!
You will also have the opportunity to see Coluche’s house at the top of the mountain, he liked to rest there during his holidays.

The two little nuggets of this trip are also the crayfish waterfall, a small waterfall in the middle of the forest where you can swim. Unfortunately, it is also a victim of its success and is becoming more and more popular.

Don’t miss the opportunity to swim in the sulphur of volcanoes that benefits your skin, but be careful with the smell!

My best memory will remain scuba diving, I hesitated a lot to go there because I am scared to death of sharks, but I do not regret jumping, the corals were absolutely beautiful and I still have stars in my eyes when I think about it.

At the end of my trip, I had no desire to return to Paris.
It was one of my most beautiful trips on the beauty of the places and the richness of the country.

I will come back for sure and I recommend this destination to anyone who wants to discover the idyllic setting and the warm welcome of the Guadeloupeans.

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