Relaxation in Indonesia: Bali

Indonesia is a country full of wealth, a place filled with culture and varied landscapes, a combination that creates the perfect environment to relax during your stay.

The Country
The Indonesian landscape is very diverse, Java and Bali are the most fertile islands and rice fields are concentrated in these two regions, while Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua are still largely covered with exotic tropical forests. The open savannah and green meadows are characteristic of Nusa Tenggara.
There are clear seas, impressive surfing destinations and beautiful beaches mingled with active volcanoes and rainforests to make this nation a tropical paradise. Individual cultures and traditional practices coexist with romantic holiday destinations and some of the world’s finest hotels, spas and golf courses.

The City
Bali is an Indonesian island famous for its wooded volcanic mountains, rice fields, beaches and coral reefs. The island is full of religious sites, such as the Uluwatu temple built on the top of a steep cliff. It is one of the smallest islands in the Indonesian archipelago, it is a small paradise!

  • All year round
  • 8 days
  • Thaï Airways / Qatar Airways / Air France

COMO Uma Canggu is located on the south coast of Bali, a seaside destination offering a panoramic view of soft volcanic sand and rolling waves. This luxurious resort in Canggu, a region appreciated for its relaxed coffee shop and surf waves, offers elegant accommodation, exceptional cuisine, significant wellness and the same impeccable service as COMO is known throughout the world.

Merah Putih is one of the best places to try authentic Indonesian cuisine. In a sumptuous setting, the family spirit dear to Balinese traditions is highlighted. Here, the dishes are hearty and served in the middle of the table so that everyone can taste the local flavours, it is an address not to be missed!


Explore Bali’s marine treasures on this snorkeling day in Padangbai. A fantastic underwater world awaits you. After two dives, a local Indonesian lunch will be served on land.

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Join the Ubud site for a purifying ceremony in the Tirta Empul temple. On the program: offerings, traditional prayers, holy water ritual, authentic costumes…

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