Jackson Hole : The Legend

“Out of the comfort zone.” Jackson Hole’s relaxed western atmosphere, Wyo, with its dirty boots and casual blue jeans, proves that it’s the ideal way to catch your breath after conquering a 35 degree slope.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is regularly voted the best ski and snowboard destination in the United States. What makes Jackson Hole such a wonderful skiing experience? Here are the unique features that highlight why we love skiing and surfing at Jackson Hole!

The Country
Crossing the Atlantic to discover the United States is an unforgettable experience. What does the Arizona desert have in common with the snow-covered peaks of Vermont? Between the Mormons of Utah and the gays of Key West? The American West refers to stagecoaches, pioneers, cowboys and Indians, saloons and gold diggers. In the western national parks, from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite Park, everything is oversized and of great beauty: the savagery of the landscapes, the arid deserts, the old-growth forests like the world, the giant cacti and the redwoods. California, from the free San Francisco to the tawdry L.A. to the high-tech Silicon Valley, embodies the American myth par excellence. Florida, covered with swamps infested with mosquitoes, snakes and alligators, has become an America of extremes and excesses. It is a transition between North America and Latin America.

The Station
Until the mid-1980s, few people had heard of the cult Jackson Hole ski area. Nestled in the upper left corner of Wyoming, with a Teton mountain range as a backdrop, it is now one of North America’s most important resorts. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has the longest continuous vertical ascent of any ski area in the United States, rising to 4,139 feet from the bottom of the valley to the top of Rendezvous Mountain! Jackson Hole is also a place where the spirit of modern adventure is strong. Grand Teton, the highest of the peaks, is 13,770 feet above sea level and inspires adventurers to push the limits.

  • December-April
  • 7 days
  • Delta / American Airlines / United

In downtown Jackson, a stone’s throw from shops, art galleries, theatres, restaurants, city parks and the town square, emblematic for its elk wooden arches, Jackson Hotel is as authentic as it is elegant and memorable. Owned by a family that has lived in the valley for more than four decades, Jackson Hotel’s vast public spaces and 55 rooms and suites judiciously combine old (recovered barn wood, stone) and new (steel, concrete) materials with contemporary art from the valley’s many galleries. Jackson Hole Hotel’s objective is to celebrate Jackson Hole’s unique Western heritage, while offering its guests all the modern luxury and unparalleled customer service.

Whether you are here for a business breakfast, a lively group lunch or a romantic dinner, FIGS will impress you with its authentic Lebanese-Mediterranean menu and elegant interiors, which include a two-story wood fireplace.

Fly along the beautiful Snake River before crossing the Teton Range to climb the highest peaks of Jackson Hole. Escape into the glittering alpine lakes, distant waterfalls and wild canyons. It is a full day of learning, exploration and entertainment that you won’t want to miss.

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Jackson Hole

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