Holbox : New Year under the palm trees

The New Year, also known as “nochevieja or año nuevo”, is an important event in Mexico; from the most recent celebrations that have begun to spread among the younger generations to the traditional and ritual efforts that many partygoers will make to ensure luck, good fortune and good health, there are many ways to celebrate the New Year as a local celebration.

In tourist areas, hotels and resorts organize special festivities. In less touristy cities, you will also find restaurants offering dinners and dances for New Year’s Eve for residents and visitors. There are some special traditions surrounding the New Year in Mexico. A tradition that is practiced in Mexico as well as in other Latin American countries is to make a kind of scarecrow or manikin from old clothes lined with newspapers or other materials. You can find them sitting on street corners or on rooftops on the last days of the year. These figures represent “el año viejo” (the old year) and are burned at midnight with a few firecrackers, to mark the end of the old year and to leave behind the failures and regrets of the past to live better in the coming year.

The Country
During a top-of-the-range stay, let yourself be seduced by Mexico, a legendary Latin American country. Discover a country steeped in history and follow in the footsteps of the Mayans and Aztecs on the monumental pre-Columbian archaeological sites that have become mythical. Take part in the colourful and festive shows of the Mexican people with their long-lasting customs. The sumptuous white sand beaches, multicoloured colonial cities and exotic landscapes so characteristic will amaze the Globe-Setters on an unforgettable luxury trip.

The City
Holbox is a hidden gem of natural wonders and isolated relaxation. Observe flamingos in their natural habitat, swim with whale sharks, then swing in your beach hammock and enjoy a sip of coconut at sunset on the water. Holbox (pronounced “hol-bo-sh”) means “black hole” in the old Maya and takes its name from a tiny dark lagoon at the southern tip of the island. The majority of the island’s inhabitants are fishermen, and the atmosphere purrs with the same quiet rhythm as it has for years. Independent hammocks and picturesque accommodations make the island perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of tourist areas and simply being. Holbox’s cuisine is mainly made up of fresh and healthy seafood obtained directly from local fishermen, and the most common dishes are lobster, delicious shrimp, crab, tuna, clams and octopus. Don’t leave without tasting the traditional “ceviche” and fish empanadas. Be sure to try drinks made with fresh coconut water from the island’s coconuts.

  • october-april
  • 7 days
  • Air France / Aeromexico / American Airlines / Delta

Villas Flamingos is a tropical hotel located on the seafront in the Yum Balam Nature Reserve on Holbox Island, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. It has a swimming pool and a bar-restaurant serving a continental breakfast. Villas Flamingos offers bungalow-style accommodation next to the ocean. Each room has a balcony with hammocks and a private bathroom. On site, you can scuba dive or snorkel and canoe/kayak, all for an additional fee. There are regular ferries from the island to the mainland city of Chiquilá, which is about an hour and a half by car from Cancun International Airport.

Luuma is a trendy address on the island. The dishes are prepared with local and seasonal ingredients only, feet in the sand Luuma and the exquisite taste for tropical cocktails defines an authentic friendly bar restaurant. Located just next to Hotel Casa Las Tortugas, this oasis of light and modern design creates a feeling of softness in the atmosphere of your night.

Cabo Catoche was the landing site of the first European settlers, during Francisco Hernandez’s expedition from Cordoba in early March 1517 and officially marking the date of the discovery of Yucatan by the Spanish. Cabo Catoche is 15 miles from Holbox Island, on this tour you can do various activities such as bottom fishing, diving, bird watching, walking on the beach and mangroves…

Visit three points of the beautiful island of Holbox: the island of birds, which find countless seabirds, such as pelicans, egrets. Once you have admired The Birds in their Natural Habitat, head to the spring called Yalahau, where you can cool off in the cool waters, then go to Passion Island, a small island with a lookout point where you will walk around the island.

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