Rio de Janeiro : New Year on Copacabana Beach

Rio’s second largest celebration – the barely recessed Carnival – is New Year’s Eve, also known locally as “New Year’s Eve”, along Copacabana beach.

The celebration of the beach is free and more than 2.5 million tourists and Cariocas come to the legendary beach every year to celebrate the change of year and participate in one of the biggest and best festivals in the world. The Partiers begin to arrive on Copacabana beach early in the day, to prepare their stay for the rest of the day and night. At the arrival of the evening, the beach is full of people waiting to ring the New Year, and at midnight, nearly 3 million people are on the beach, ringing the New Year.

The Country
Brazil forms a huge triangle to the east of the continent with a coastline of 7,400 km along the Atlantic Ocean. The Brazilian landscape is very varied. It is best known for its dense forests, including the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical forest in the north. But there are also dry grasslands (called pampas), rugged hills, pine forests, extensive wetlands, huge plateaus (flat and high terrain areas) and a long coastal plain. Northern Brazil is dominated by the Amazon River and its surrounding jungles. The Amazon is not a river, but a network of several hundred waterways. Thousands of species live in the river, including the famous piranha and boto, or pink river dolphin. The southeast of Brazil was once entirely covered by dense forest. Today, it is the country’s industrial capital, home to Brazil’s largest cities: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The City
With nearly 13 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most important cities on the American continent, and it is the showcase of Brazil. Rio, Brazil’s most visited city, is nicknamed the Cidade Maravilhosa, especially for its location in a superb natural setting. On one side the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana, Sugar Loaf and Guanabara Bay, on the other side the Corcovado Mountain and its Redeemer Christ. The carioca city is festive and lively, and it is difficult to get bored there!

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Santa Teresa Hotel RJ MGallery By Sofitel is a boutique hotel in Rio de Janeiro that offers comfortable rooms and suites with Brazilian design, wellness services at the SPA and a swimming pool with panoramic views, all to make your stay incredible. Enjoy the Bar dos Descasados – famous for its trendy clientele – and the contemporary Brazilian cuisine of Térèze, one of the best hotel restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. Located in city centres or popular tourist areas, the hotels in the collection all enjoy an exceptional location, offering their guests a unique experience.

Le Cafe du Lage is a haven of peace in the heart of Lage Park, a charming little palace with many open-air tables that surround a pool. Even better: the restaurant is overlooked by the Corcovado! In addition to its exceptional setting, Cafe du Lage offers a varied and copious menu.

Choose a different perspective on the city of Rio, sailing from the historic bay of Guanabara. You will be taken to the place of the boat, in order to board a boat that will take you to the most suitable places to observe the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the sublime beach of Copacabana or Mount Sugar Loaf.

Tijuca Park is a wooded haven of peace in Rio. It is home to the Tijuaca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world! You will cross this immense park which offers breathtaking views. You will discover waterfalls, toucans and monkeys. The summit of the park reaches 1022 metres, 300 metres higher than Corcovado!

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