Brazil : Jericoacoara

With more than 2,000 beaches stretching along the Brazilian coast and more than 1,000 islands scattered across the Atlantic Ocean within the country’s borders, a trip to the beach is a must during your stay. While many of them are densely populated, many are preserved ecological sanctuaries.

Brazil is one of the largest countries and one of the most diverse and fascinating in the world. This country is filled with a rich dose of history, culture, religion and great sports. With intriguing people, plants and animals, this country is surrounded by a fantastic Amazon rainforest and beautiful tropical oceans. Brazil is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations for travellers.

The Country
Brazil forms a huge triangle to the east of the continent with a coastline of 7,400 km along the Atlantic Ocean. The Brazilian landscape is very varied. It is best known for its dense forests, including the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical forest in the north. But there are also dry grasslands (called pampas), rugged hills, pine forests, extensive wetlands, huge plateaus (flat and high terrain areas) and a long coastal plain. Northern Brazil is dominated by the Amazon River and its surrounding jungles. The Amazon is not a river, but a network of several hundred waterways. Thousands of species live in the river, including the famous piranha and boto, or pink river dolphin. The southeast of Brazil was once entirely covered by dense forest. Today, it is the country’s industrial capital, home to Brazil’s largest cities: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The City
Jericoacoara is one of Brazil’s most popular film destinations. Located between a magnificent national park and the sea, it seduces travellers with its perfect combination of hard-to-reach places (access is via unpaved tracks through the dunes), breathtaking coastal landscapes, exciting activities, excellent pousadas and a pleasant nightlife. During the day, its beaches, dunes and lagoons are postcardlike; at night, illuminated by moonlight and the lights of welcoming shops and restaurants, it breathes the atmosphere. Although it is no longer a haven of tranquility for hippies, Jeri’s appeal remains undeniable and is a must-see on any northeast route.

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  • 12 days
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Developed by travel professionals, MyJeri is a luxury concierge service located in northeastern Brazil and more particularly in the heart of the famous village of Jericoacoara. Accommodation, 4×4 transfers, helicopter or private plane, buggy rental or excursions, sports or wellness activities, babysitting or home cooking. MyJeri is here to meet all your needs and help young and old to make the most of the region’s incredible resources. MyJeri-Villa offers a range of prestigious houses for seasonal rental in Jericoacoara. Each house can be rented in whole or in part. All MyJeri-Villa products have been created so that you can enjoy the services of a luxury business hotel and enjoy your privacy “like at home”.

This charming restaurant, owned by the hotel of the same name, offers a very charming setting, ideal for enjoying authentic Brazilian cuisine, or for tasting more classic international dishes. Located by the sea, the establishment also has a bar where you can enjoy excellent cocktails while admiring the sunset on Jericoacoara, considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Jericoacoara is the guarantee of ideal conditions for kitesurfing. In this resort in the north of the Brazilian coast, the wind blows every day! Let yourself be carried away by the Atlantic waves under the Brazilian sun, during this private kitesurfing course. Guided by your instructor, you will progress quickly, whatever your current level. Unique sensations in perspective!

Take advantage of a semi-private kitesurfing course (2 + 1 instructor) to progress on your board with the wind and waves. Jericoacoara is an ideal spot for kitesurfing: the northern coasts of Brazil are windy all year round. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or experienced, your instructor will be able to help you progress at your own pace to master the handling of the kite.

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