Finland : Ruka

If you love animals, outdoor life, unspoilt nature and bonfires under the midnight sun, this is the place of your dreams.

With the country’s largest ski area and a wide range of activities, Ruka is perfect for families and couples. The skiing is excellent, the village is attractive and the resort has a unique character. Finland is rich in all its exciting contrasts, between its four distinct seasons, the midnight sun and winter darkness, the city and countryside, or the east and west of the country.

The Country
Finland represents for many people the white paradise by its snow-covered scenery, we can understand why Santa Claus settled there! Santa Claus’ Village is a magical place: you can attend lessons at the Goblins’ School, learn about baking under the guidance of Santa Claus, and of course end the visit by being welcomed by Santa Claus himself, an experience that many call unforgettable!

The City
The Ruka North Finnish ski resort is located 26 km from the city of Kuusamo. It is therefore in Finnish Lapland, not far from the Arctic Circle and around Mount Rukatunturi (the highest peak in the region at 492 m above sea level) that Ruka is located with its resort centre (Ruka Village – 291 m above sea level) and its many Scandinavian chalets spread over different districts all around the ski area. A land of reindeer and northern lights (an unforgettable sight if the opportunity arises!), families and groups of friends come together for ski trips but also to experience adventures like “trappers” in Nordic skiing, snowshoeing: 159 km of slopes and snowmobiles: 600 km of slopes!

  • November-March
  • 4-7 days
  • Finnair / Norwegian Air International / Air France

Rukan Salonki offers high quality cottages, wild food, special saunas and wellness treatments and is located near the Ruka tourist resort. Located on the shores of Lake Salonkijärvi, Rukan Salonki Chalets welcomes you 4 km from the Ruka ski area. Its air-conditioned cottages include a living room with a fireplace. Located a few steps from the cottages, the Rukan Salonki restaurant, Kultala, serves Lapland specialities such as reindeer and salmon. Nearby, you will also find private ice and steam saunas.

The restaurant is located on the west side of Ruka, just next to Lake Talvijärvi and close to hiking and ski trails. It’s a fantastic place that won’t disappoint you. The presentation of the food is excellent, and the dishes are just as delicious. In addition, the service provided by the staff is impeccable.

After breakfast at your hotel, you drive to the husky farm, where you meet greedy huskies. You will ride 10 km in a sled pulled by huskies. A small snack is also served while listening to the stories of the husky farm.

You will enjoy a unique moment of relaxation in this sauna, entirely made of ice. You will have the opportunity to swim in a hole in the ice, surrounded by the frozen water of the lake. During this escapade you will enjoy a typical Finnish meal.

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Tips and Trip

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Price per person based on 2 people.
For 4 days, included:
– Flights
– Hotel
– Reindeer and husky farms
– Snowmobile under the Northern Lights
Prices are for information only and may vary according to the seasons and periods.

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