Taking a trip to Iceland in winter means arriving on another planet: darkness and darkness from the long nights of the North, country as if cut off from the rest of the world, a rhythm of life in step with this rare light.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to combine breathtaking natural landscapes with hiking adventures on glacial ice mixed with volcanic ash and who feel like they have landed on the moon.

The Country
This country, covering an area of about 100,000 square kilometres, is located in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean on the mid-Atlantic ridge, on the only part that is submerged due to the presence of a hot spot. The Arctic Circle article is located only a few kilometers above the island, this imaginary line even crosses Grimsey Island. Its physical geography is very rugged with an average altitude of 500 metres, a multitude of peaks exceeding 1500 metres and a relief marked by the particular physiognomy of volcanoes and glaciers. Finally, water is omnipresent, with of course the sea surrounding the island, but there are also powerful rivers. Iceland is a paradoxical country: isolated in the middle of the Atlantic, sparsely populated, located not far from the Arctic Circle, with a harsh climate and difficult lands, it is nevertheless one of the most developed countries in the world.

The City
Reykjavik has the honour of being the northernmost city in the world and for many travellers, it is also the first step towards wilderness that promises beautiful adventures. Reykjavík has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment for all ages. Its proximity to nature makes it an ideal destination for outdoor activities. Iceland’s 1000 years of history and culture can be explored in the city’s many museums.

  • December-April
  • 4-7 days
  • Icelandair / WOW air / Norwegian

Occupying a historic 1930s building in downtown Reykjavik, overlooking a breathtaking view of the harbour, our chic hotel is a haven of peace for travellers from all over the world. The elegant monochrome interior palette of Hotel 101 is the very embodiment of Nordic cool, with extraordinary works of art by Icelandic artists found in all public spaces. Our friendly and dedicated staff invites you to relax and enjoy the comfortable interior of the rooms bathed in natural light, a restaurant and bar offering modern Icelandic and international cuisine and amenities that include a luxurious spa.

This restaurant offers a real gastronomic experience. It is a mythical place in Reykjavik, where people come every evening to taste the 7 creations of a great chef that a master sommelier associates with the greatest grape varieties. An inventive contemporary cuisine served in a setting of rare elegance and certainly one of the best Icelandic tables!

From Reykjavik, discover the Northern Lights in the comfort of a SuperJeep. During an excursion from 3am to 4am, you will discover this amazing show with a guide and other explorers. The Northern Lights offer a fascinating spectacle that you will not soon forget. If the sky is clear, observations can be made from fall to early spring. Some say that the colder the night, the more colourful and intense the show will be. Auroras, usually greenish, can also appear yellow, red, pink and even white.

Exploration of a lava cave in the “Blue Mountains”, and snorkeling in the waters of Þingvellir National Park. “Black”: it is the exploration of the lava cave “Leidarendi”, in the lava fields at the foot of the “Blue Mountains”, in the Reykjavík region. You will discover underground the volcanic wonders typical of these Icelandic lava flows in an exploration mixing climbing and walking, equipped with our helmets and headlamps… the black you will experience underground is total! Then we will sail in the “Blue”.


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