Visit a bird rock under the midnight sun, stay in a snow hotel under the northern lights, try dog sledding, or take a royal crab safari along the Russian border.

In and around Kirkenes, nature is different from the rest of Norway. Many oriental plant species grow here, while they are extremely rare or non-existent in other Norwegian regions.

The Country
Out of the ordinary! Norway ! Its steep mountains, imposing glaciers, northern lights, UNESCO World Heritage fjords and many other extraordinary landscapes. Explore this wild and sublime nature on private excursions! Between hiking, trekking, climbing or sled escapades. Experience an exceptional adventure during a high-end trip to Norway. Globe-Setters with a daring temperament, discover this unique destination without delay!

The City
The small town of Kirkenes is located in the northeast in northern Norway, near the Russian border. Kirkenes is known as the capital of the Barents region and the gateway to the east. The city welcomes about 100,000 visitors each year, most of whom descend from the Hurtigruten to spend a few hours in the city before continuing their journey. But you should stay a little longer here, not for the good of the city, but to do one of the many excursions and activities that are available to you.

  • December-April
  • 4 days
  • Air France / SAS / Norwegian

Snowhotel Kirkenes, Norway, opened its doors for the first time in 2006 with 8 rooms and a small icebar (and a reindeer). Since then, we have grown up in snowy clouds and are now one of the most famous igloo hotels in Norway and the world. Our idea was to create something unique and natural. That’s why our hotel is built entirely of snow and ice, and every spring melts in the fjord. The place is idyllic, with the forest and mountains at the back, and the Arctic fjord at the front.

The Snowhotel restaurant is located on the first floor of a restored sheepfold. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing, thanks to the original walls of the building. The meals are traditional, hearty and tasty.

Dog sledding is one of the best ways to travel on the Arctic tundra! Wrapped up in warm clothes, you will meet a musher who will introduce you to his profession and teach you to master his huskies. Then it will be time to leave on your sled! Of course, a guide will help you at the beginning of the walk.

Come and discover this local and unique tradition! Warmly equipped, you will learn how to break the ice and discover this unusual form of fishing. Sit back and relax while waiting for your line to wake you up from this magnificent spectacle, soft and shimmering colours of the rising sun. A small picnic is included.

Norway Lights

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Price per person based on 2 people.
For 4 days, included:
– Flights
– Hotel
– Transfers
– Unusual fishing
Prices are for information only and may vary according to the seasons and periods.

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